mash. tired. i'm just so tired. also sorry. like really sorry.
but yeah.

are we good?

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 emma approved   knighthouse   i have zero idea what this is or why it happened but goD THEY'RE PLAYFUL LITTLE BITS I MISS IT ALL   SNARKY KNIGHTLY!   ALEX YOU GET A BETTER LIFE!   YOU GOTTA MAKE THE NOISE!   YOU'RE OFFICIALLY JUVINILE!   AREN'T YOU DISGUSTINGLY ADORABLE?   GOOD BOY! TWENTY FOR TWENTY!   underneath it all there's utter adoration   i won't say moreso from him than her because she adores him just as much she just won't even let herself go near thinking on it   but he just   but seriously good job   congratulations emma   i wouldn't be your business partner if you weren't   i will support you 99% of the time   a name?   he trusts her instincts her trusts her   he knows he can't steer wrong when he trusts her because he /knows/ she's so good at heart underneath it all   but he's still there to nudge her here and there and help her out and make her see the full picture every now and again   just to help when he can because he wants to help her he loves to he loves her????   and he's been so entirely fine with keeping it just bubbling under the surface hiding under that tiny layer of sarcasm   and wit and fun jokes and sincerity just enough to be the best friend but not too much as to drive her away   but now there's this guy and there's this fight and he walks in all 'phase two huh? sounds dangerous'   and he tries so hard to keep it light and make her laugh just maKE HER LAUGH MAKE HER SMILE AT LEAST   because he can't apologise for what he said he needs her to recognise the wrong in it and he cannot back down from that   but they've recovered from so much before this buT NOW ELTON AND JUST 'are we good?' 'we're /fine/.' '////////fine?///////' hE MIGHT BREAK   *   *: emma approved   it's all a queue of this or that 
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